onsdag 26. mai 2010

Birthday party

My good friend Andrea turned 22(finally:P) yesterday!!
(she's the one kissing her boyfriend by kissing the teddy he gave her..)

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  1. Looks like lots of fun. Last year we used all your ideas for my son’s science party. This year, it might be Lego’s. He wants to have it at our new lego store, but I think it would be more fun at home! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hi! Yes it was:) as much as I would love to take the credit for the ideas for a great party, I belive you have me mistaken for someone else...(I didnt have a blog last year:P)
    But for what its worth I think a lego party at home is an exellent idea:D
    *happy birthday*
    Thanks for visiting!


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