fredag 25. juni 2010

Have to buy a new computer...

My old computer (6 years..) needs to be retire, because it shuts of al the time.. So the first thing I'll do when I go back to Norway (no actually the first thing is to celebrate my birthday;) is to buy a new one... Besides the fact that it has problems with the fan and overheating (and also have been "repaired" for it a few years ago) I've always been very satisfied with my Acer aspire 5560, but now I'm thinking maybe to buy one of the smaller ones that you can basically put in your purse..
I'd love to hear some of your thoughts on this, because I know nothing about computers! I just need one with al the basic functions, that doesn't overheat every five seconds and that is easy to use..
Anyone that is extremely satisfied with their computers??

Trying something new...

ahahah, this morning I curled my hair like my grandmother does;)

mandag 21. juni 2010

søndag 20. juni 2010

torsdag 17. juni 2010


This week I ran away from the incredible humid heat of Bologna to Rome and my wonderfull friend Giulia, to her lovely house with aircondition and a pool:)
I also have to study so I have no time to update my blog, but I promise to do so the moment I get back to my own computer! I promise photos from one of my favorite cities in the world, eventhough I'm just relaxing;)
*enjoy life everybody, you never know..*

onsdag 9. juni 2010

Aperitivo Bolognese

Ah I will miss the Aperitivo and Spritz:)
..and all the beautiful people..

tirsdag 8. juni 2010

mandag 7. juni 2010

søndag 6. juni 2010

very nice cars

I just realised that I have a lot of photos on my computer of nice cars that I would not mind to having my self one day..

I realise that this is not a car, but it's still very nice;)

fredag 4. juni 2010

Inspiration #4

My ultimate source of inspiration; The Sartorialist
-these days when all I do is study and dont even take the time to update my own blog, I do however make time to check out his amazing photos with my morning coffee...