søndag 18. juli 2010

Inspiration #6

American model Tara Lynn is gorgeous in her 12+(UK) size.
*A great inspiration to all curvylicious ladies like me*
Photos from french ELLE; "spécial ronde"

torsdag 15. juli 2010

fredag 2. juli 2010

Great norwegian ladies

 Liv Ullmann

 Maria Bonnevie

 Sonja Henie

 Tutta Rolf

Vera Zorina

If you clik on the photos there is a link to info on Wikipedia

torsdag 1. juli 2010

Il CInema Ritrovato

Sotto le stelle cinema
-Piazza Maggiore, Bologna

26.06 Il Gattopardo
- I love this italian tradition with outdoor cinema during the summer, al the classical movies