søndag 18. juli 2010

Inspiration #6

American model Tara Lynn is gorgeous in her 12+(UK) size.
*A great inspiration to all curvylicious ladies like me*
Photos from french ELLE; "spécial ronde"

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  1. i'm not realy a fan of this editorial...i love much more potos of Karla: from karla's closet blog...much more chic and inspiring...

    come va a bologna?

    Thank you for passing by and leaving your absolutely beautiful comments! xoxo from rome

  2. Thank you too darling;) I will check out Karla!
    Buh, sono tornata in Norvegia perché il mio erasmus finiva.. Come mi manchano Bologna e Italia e la dolce vita! Ma penso di scrivere anch'io come tu in italiano ed inglese per non dimenticare;)
    Buona giornata da Norvegia;)

  3. shes so gorgeous! i love the second photo with the braid

  4. I love the first picture, she looks beautiful! x


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